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What is the best time to Diving in Egypt?

The ancient and modern cultural and civilisation history of Egypt is one of the most important and richest cultures in the world, and it has now been developed and increased Egypt’s tourism culture by relying on the sport of diving to attract tourists from different parts of the world, also in Egypt best time to Diving in Egypt will know now.

What is the best time to Diving in Egypt?
● Where the landscapes in Egypt, especially in the depths of the seas, especially the Red Sea, are filled with contrast and differences in colors and landscapes that are stark and very beautiful.
● Egypt is not only rich in diving tourism, there is a semi-arid desert in which you can practice safari and the lush green Nile valley, and of course the subject of our delightful discussion of the deep blue waters of the Red Sea and marine animals that pulsate and declare the beauty of life against a background of sandstone mountains.

● It is great that scuba diving in Egypt is a flexible sport that can make everyone happy and provide something wonderful.
● Whether you are a complete beginner, i.e. you are still in the beginning of your first time to experience this, or you are one of the most experienced divers around the world and have previously dived in many places around the world; Or even being one of those people who just like to go easy and quiet and like to let their currents go.
● Or you are one of those people who love adventure and therefore prefer to do a number of exhilarating drifts along the amazing walls as they can feel that there is no sea floor in sight.
● In fact, it cannot be denied that scuba diving in the Red Sea was one of the strong reasons for attracting tourism to the Red Sea region.
● Since its small and humble beginnings in the beaches of Egypt, Egypt’s resorts have now become one of the best and most important areas in the world.
● It is not limited to one or two places, but there are a lot of fortunate places dedicated to diving in Egypt that you can choose from.
● And a lot of other options and things that you can do and enjoy in Egypt, which will make you spend a very enjoyable time in the beaches of Egypt that you will never forget.

What is the best time to dive?
● In the shores of the Red Sea in Egypt, diving is continuous and safe throughout the year, whether it is in the summer or winter, the weather is always good and therefore you can practice diving with the utmost ease and professionalism.
● But if you are looking for the best time in which you can have the full enjoyment, it is between mid-July price and early November, especially when the waters in the Red Sea are at their last.
● Between January and March, a noticeable decrease in water temperature can occur. On some days in those months, it can reach between 18 degrees and 22 degrees Celsius, and this varies from time to time depending on the direction, whether it is north or south, Depending on those warm clothes you wear and whether they are necessary to wear them during the evening periods and when you are at sea.
● But of course it can be said that the peak season in which diving in Egypt is at its most time and tourists come from everywhere is mid-September to mid-October and that period can be very crowded with tourists during this time of every year.

Is it safe?
● In fact, it can be admitted that within all areas of the tourist resort in which you will be staying in any of the governorates of Egypt there are so few that it is not worth mentioning at all from minor personal crimes related to theft, pickpocketing, or even attempted quick kidnapping of bags.
● But just like anywhere in the world, you will not be safe and secure for yourself. Do not allow any kind of your valuables that you are very afraid of unattended, and as we mentioned this matter can happen anywhere else in the world.
● But if you are outside the resorts in Egypt and decide to go on your own in major cities like Cairo and Alexandria, you should try as much as possible to be more careful.
● None of the passengers on the Egyptian Airlines wishing to spend a happy vacation in Egypt can be subjected to any kind of harassment, whether they are alone or with one of the men as well, nor any kind of verbal or physical harassment that certainly becomes undesirable, so that this It can’t happen in big resorts.
● This was regarding verbal abuse, as most Egyptians love tourists, but they are distinguished by a great deal of kindness that makes them love to woo tourists and talk nicely with them, and the physical abuse of tourists in Egypt has never been recorded until now, so it can be said that it is very rare.
● But like any other region, in order to preserve your safety, it is preferable for women to try to avoid traveling alone, whether in Egypt or elsewhere, and try to take a man with them.
● Of course, you have heard from the news, or even only from one of your friends, about what Egypt witnessed in the past period of a number of incidents related to terrorism, and this event is a real place, but it is likely to happen in all countries of the world.
● Of course, this cannot be denied and we cannot mislead the facts. We are here to tell you about all the facts that you want to know, but I will tell you the evidence and reports received from government organizations in Egypt, where I said all kinds of sectarian violence that were taking place in North Sinai in a very large percentage and almost None in the last five years.
● Also, all these terrorist incidents were taking place in North Sinai, which is a place far from the tourist resorts in the Red Sea, as it is located approximately 700 km from the tourist resort of Sharm El-Sheikh.
● To be completely reassured, let me tell you that security in both ports and airports has increased significantly since the Russian Airlines disaster in 2015.
● And now there are many points for security inspections to take place at the highest level, and this inspection can also take place on The boundaries of the city or the tourist resort in which you reside in any of the roads leading to these two and the roads connecting between them.
● The tourism police in Egypt has a very strong presence throughout the tourist areas and resorts.
● In the end, let me tell you that terrorism is a global threat, and it is never limited to Egypt or any of the countries in the Middle East.

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