Depth: 12-30 m

 Level: Advanced

If you realy want The amazing site in Ras Mohamed A world ranked dive site formed of two little underwater islands, the Shark reef and the Yolanda reef.

Shark Reef, is a vertical wall dropping to 700 meters, covered with fantastic corals.

While the Yolanda Reef has a wide plateau with a coral garden and lots of of pinnacle corals.

Between Yolanda reef and the Ras Mohamed reef lies the remains of the wreck of the Yolanda that is 74m long and was carrying bathroom supplies heading to the Gulf of Aqaba when she crashed in 1980.

The presence of strong currents is often at this site.

Diverse marine life to watch :

scorpionfish, crocodilefish, groupers, turtles, tuna, big morays and napoleon fish, Red Snapper, batfish, unicornfish, barracudas and more which of course sometimes attracts the predators such as Grey reef or black tip Sharks.

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