(Thistlegorm Wreck) the most amazing Wreck

(Thistlegorm Wreck) the most amazing Wreck - blue sea diving center in sharm 2

THE THISTLEGORM, its Gaelic name meaning BLUE THISTLE, was a British transport ship belonging to the Albyn Line shipping company, is 126.5 meters long, a capacity of 4,898 tons and had a `three cylinder steam engine developing 1,860 HP that gave the vessel a speed of around 10 knots.

(Beacon Rock) Dunraven Wreck

(Beacon Rock) Dunraven Wreck - Dive Site Blue Sea diving center in Sharm

This historic wreck was a 79 meters long, British steam sail ship which was built in Newcastle and struck the reef in 1876 en route from Bombay to Liverpool

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