Depth: 0-110 m

 Level: Advanced

Really Dahab Best Dive site you can, the number of scuba divers visiting its diving sites has risen amazingly, yet many of these divers are not clients of the over 30 local dive centers here but come from Sharm looking for different dives in a more relaxed and calmer atmosphere.

In contrast to Sharm el Sheikh where scuba diving is mainly by boat, in Dahab the sites are easily accessible by land and boats are rare.

THE BLUE HOLE and CANYON are the most famous dive sites of Dahab, representing the most beautiful and interesting diving sites for the underwater marine life and crystalline water.

First dive is a drift dive from the Bells (open tunnel like descending to 28 meters) towards the Blue Hole. We enjoy the Reef Wall. Then we do the second dive at the CANYON, South of the Blue Hole, we enter through its lagoon towards the Canyon Crack till 22 meters. Amazing Dive sites!

Dahab- Dive Site Blue Sea diving center in Sharm
Dahab- Dive Site Blue Sea diving center in Sharm

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