Diving Courses

(Beacon Rock) Dunraven Wreck

  • Depth: 15-30 m
  • Level: Suitable For All Levels

This historic wreck was a 79 meters long,

British steam sail ship which was built in Newcastle and struck the reef in 1876 en route from Bombay to Liverpool. Soon after she slid off the reef and turned upside down.

It is now covered in so much coral growth, that it is hard to tell where the reef stops and the wreck begins.

After taking a look at her rudder and propeller, divers are taken through the hull of the wreck.

Swimming inside Dunraven is like swimming through a Cathedral with beams of light pouring through her portholes.

Old Hessian ropes and the remains of wooden cargo boxes bring this ship alive.

The sight of her enormous boilers are a reminder of the magnificent age of steam engines.

A safety stop on the reef brings schools of yellow goatfish, baby barracudas and a numerous of stonefish.

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