Ras Mohamed snorkeling sea Trip by boat

Things to do in sharm elsheikh Blue sea diving center in sharm

Enjoy this Snorkeling trip at Ras Mohamed and Travel from Sharm El Sheikh to Ras Mohamed National Park by boat at the very tip of Sinai. You will be able to enjoy some of the best snorkeling and diving locations in the world offering an unparalleled diversity of marine life and panoramic views of both Egypt and Saudi Arabia, while above water.

The Top Four Scuba Diving Spots in Egypt’s Red Sea

The top four scuba diving spots in Egypt’s Red Sea: think of Egypt and you’ll probably conjure up images of immense, stalwart pyramids and sand-strewn ruins, frenetic city streets and bustling bazaars, and elegant sailboats plying the waters of the Nile—the go-to spots for many luxury Egypt tours. But if you’re an active adventurer or a fan of exhilarating water sports, […]

7 Best Diving Destinations in Egypt’s Red Sea for Divers of All Levels

Things to do in sharm elsheikh Blue sea diving center in sharm4

It also doesn’t matter if you never dived before a day in your life — Egypt is chock-full of PADI-certified, professional diving centers, instructors and liveaboards that will propel you from snorkeler to advanced diver in no time. 1. Diving in Marsa Alam Best dive spots: Elphinstone Reef, Daedalus Reef, Abu Dabbab, Dolphin House Reef […]

What is the best time to Diving in Egypt?

The ancient and modern cultural and civilisation history of Egypt is one of the most important and richest cultures in the world, and it has now been developed and increased Egypt’s tourism culture by relying on the sport of diving to attract tourists from different parts of the world, also in Egypt best time to […]

Sharm El Sheikh best snorkelling places and hotels

Sharm El Sheikh best snorkelling places and hotels

Egypt is famous for its vibrant underwater life and visiting Sharm El Sheikh best snorkelling places will allow you to see the Red Sea’s finest coral gardens. The city has a long coastline fringed by healthy reefs that are easily accessible at several spots from the shore. In this guide, we share with you what […]

The best way to learn to dive Go Pro

What is Go Pro? You know the saying, “If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life”? If you adore diving, going pro might seem like a farfetched dream, but it may be more attainable than you think. Now we are featuring PADI Professional GO PRO courses. To kick this […]

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